“Fire” with Top Gun in the afternoon of summer 2022 when the Falcon team watches the movie together.
In Falcon, we have a sentence that we not only work hard and learn hard but also play harder.
One of the sides of “play hard” is surprise teambuilding activities sponsored by the “Boss” for the Falcon Game Studio collective.
Therefore, on Thursday 06/09/2022, Falconers have a movie viewing session of Top Gun – Maverick Super Pilot at CGV IPH Cau Giay. An action blockbuster, aerial combat with high realism and engaging viewers from start to finish. From it, we can see the importance of HUMANS, TEAMWORK spirit that the film brings.
This is a fantastic opportunity for Falconers to relax after a long day of hard work and refresh their minds to “fight” together with new projects and challenges.
Look back at the moments with Falconers and save those memories in this movie-watching session.