To ensure accuracy and fair results for the contest, the organizing committee would like to introduce three judges – professionals with great profiles – who will be responsible for our prestige and quality.

The first judge is Mr. Pham Hong Quan. He is the CEO of Falcon Game Studio and has many years of experience in the game developing field. He has led many successful game projects with millions of downloads and millions of dollars in revenue based on Sensor Tower statistics.

The second judge is Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Linh. She is the Vice CEO & Marketing manager of Falcon Game Studio. With many years of experience in game marketing, she has led many games to the top in the US, Korea, and Global markets, like 1945 Air Force, Galaxiga, Falcon Squad…

The final judge is Mr. Dang Dinh Nghia. He is the R&D Manager of Falcon Game Studio. With 15 years of experience in program development, Mr. Nghia is not only a judge but also a professional advisor who will support teams to complete their product in this competition.

With the heat of the competition, let’s expect the final result from our judges.